Named after the legendary merchant Baba Budan who smuggled seven coffee seeds out of Yemen, a rebellious spirit lives in this shop too. Opened circa 2003, BBB has a small number of seats, not including those on the ceiling and a loyal following of Melbournians and out-of-towners. It was Mark & Bridget’s first venture into the city, with Seven Seeds opening a few years later, Brother has become a destination for those wanting a flavour of Melbourne coffee.

Brother serves Seven Seeds Espresso Blend for milk-based coffees, plus single origins for espresso & batch brew filters. There’s also plenty of coffee to take home – 250g & 1kg bags, as well as brew gear, chai, Birdsnake Chocolate & merch. You can also find baked treats, pastries & granola for breakfast.

Serving you since ’07
2018 marked a statement of intent for us. A statement to make sure that people growing exceptional coffee are still doing so in decades to come. A statement that exposes the traceability that coffee producers deserve and discerning drinkers demand as the new norm. So, we started publishing the price we pay directly to producers, it’s called farmgate. We’re proud we can publish this for both our single origins and blends.

We believe in the future of coffee, get onboard.

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